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About Shandy

Hailing from The Farm Music Studios in Coxsackie, NY, Shandy is the husband-wife duo of Shannon (lead vocals, acoustic guitar) and Andy Schober (backing vocals, upright bass, mandolin). 


Shandy specializes in telling lyrically-driven stories by blending acoustic, folk, and Americana around Shannon’s emotionally-charged voice and Andy’s deep harmonies.


With a wide catalogue of covers (and a growing number of original pieces), you’ll often find them reprising the likes of The Honeycutters, John Prine, Devil Makes Three, Old Crow Medicine Show, and Brandi Carlile -- when they aren’t peppering their own pieces into the mix.


Origins of the Name

“Shandy” was first coined by classmates while Shannon and Andy were music majors at Lebanon Valley College in south central Pennsylvania. Back then, they were called Shandy not because they played music together, but because they were often seen together.


The portmanteau was set in stone after they scheduled their first gig in 2011. They were still kicking around possible names on the way to show, but they arrived at the venue surprised to find the owners had taken the liberty of writing “Shandy” on the marquee -- a name they came up with on their own. The name stuck, and they’ve been Shandy ever since.   


Side Projects

Outside of Shandy, the two are pillars in other local acts. They both play in Dram, a knee-bouncing mix of Irish tunes and Americana, where Shannon contributes her vocals, tin whistle, and bassoon, and Andy plays electric and upright bass. Andy has also provided a steady electric bass for the Phil Massaro Symphony and The Hawbuckees. 


Holding two Bachelors of Music with a focus in Music Recording Technology, the two have run and operated The Farm Music Studios in Coxsackie since 2011, where a variety of bands and solo artists have enjoyed experienced insights, artistic guidance, and an inspiring view of the Catskills. 

Where They Play

The two enjoy taking their performances to crowds all over the Hudson Valley, including places like the The Cask and Rasher (Coxsackie), Chatham Brewing (Chatham), Crossroads Brewing Company (Athens), Liberty Public House (Rhinebeck), Gigi’s (Rhinebeck), New York Restaurant (Catskill), Port of Call (Catskill), The Quarry Steakhouse (Coxsackie), and The Stewart House (Athens).


While you’ll often find Shandy playing stages and bars, they’re the perfect act for weddings, anniversaries, parties, and anywhere you need music that’ll get people moving. 


Want to get in touch? Click here to contact them. 

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